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The mill

Olive oil

It is for their silvery foliage that we planted olive trees in front of, then around the house. With its beauty, the olive tree, the eternal tree is said to have given us its mythical fruit, the olive. So we started to harvest with great joy these shiny green and black fruits of winter, and we were immediately very interested in this product. We brought our olive harvest to the neighboring mill which infallibly mixed it with the general lot of other harvesters. The idea of obtaining oil from our olives from quantities that were not very large became more and more tenacious from year to year.

It is from the meeting with Sylvain, a young farmer passionate about olive, and from our understanding that our association and the company L'Olivier d'Apt were born. We then installed, in 2012, our small mill in Saint-Martin-de-Castillon (in Sylvain's operation) facing the Grand Luberon. From that winter, we offer our services to neighboring olive growers to make our investment a little profitable. This first year, everything is going calmly: around thirty people bring their olives, delighted to have the oil from their olives. In the second year, the news having spread, 130 customers trust us. It must definitely enlarge!

The mill moves, acquires other machines, expands in the valley, in Le Chêne near Apt, always with the same objectives: a personalized service from 50 kilos of olives and obtaining the best possible quality . For this, the equipment of the mill has been improved and process has been fine tunes.

The mill also offers several services, always with this aim of quality in mind: advice to olive growers, conferences outside the harvesting period, pruning, olive fly control, planting, picking. Make everyone aware of the importance of taking care of the harvest for the final quality of the oil.


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