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Information for olive growing

France Olive (ex Afidol)

A lot of information is available on the Afidol website
Planting, diseases, treatment, watering, equipment ...
France Olive also publishes a Guide to the Olive Grower, available at the mill


Picking is an important phase for the quality of the oil. Some advice on how to pick, the optimal date and the picking material

The yield

The yield is the quantity of oil extracted per kg of olives. It is expressed in kg of olives for a liter of oil or in liters of oil for 100 kg of olives.

The most important is of course to have the maximum oil, which does not always correspond to the highest yield. In fact, at the start of the season, yields are low largely because the olives are full of water which they will lose partly, especially after the first frosts. So the yield can go up not because there is more oil but because there is less water. And if a significant part of the olives has fallen (strong mistral, olives damaged by fly bites), oil will be lost.

Yields vary greatly depending on the date of picking (6 to 7 kg of olives for a liter of oil in early November, 5 kg in December), according to the varieties of olive trees and according to the condition of the olives.

The graph below shows the yield of all the lots of olives treated in 2019. We can note a great dispersion according to the lots (from 4 to 10 kg for a liter) and a certain improvement during the season (but be careful , this does not necessarily mean more oil). Don't pick too late.

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