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The mill will open for the 2022 season on Wednesday October 26th.

YOUR OWN olive oil: personal batch from 50 kg of olives

Modern machines ensuring the best extraction and preservation of aromas.
Cold extraction (25 ° C max)

Personal batch from 50 kg of olives. Lots under than 50 kg are accepted but they will be grouped with others.
Crushing within 24 hours of your delivery for the best possible quality: Reservation required for lots over 300kg.
If you want your oil in your barrels or cans, bring them with the olives.
For picking, we sell combs, boxes and nets. Electric combs for daily rental.


Hours and prices

Bring olives every day except Sunday from 9h to 19h to be able to come in the evening after picking.

€ 0.42 / kg of olives, plus € 20 for a personal package and € 5 for a group package.

Either for personal crushing of a batch of

100 kg 0.62 € / kg

300 kg 0.49 € / kg

500 kg 0.46 € / kg

1000 kg 0.44 € / kg

The mill must collect the Afidol tax of € 0.154 including tax per liter of oil. This tax is refundable to individuals who do not market their oil.

L'Olivier d'Apt can also package your oil in metal bottles or cans, with a personalized label. See the available models on the Bottles page

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